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Lizzie Finds New Hope at Riverbend

The team at Riverbend is celebrating a heartwarming rescue and rehabilitation success story as Lizzie, a courageous quarter horse, has made leaps and bounds through her rehabilitation.

Andrea Hirsch and Penny Meno met Lizzie when Apache Horse Rescue discovered her in a deplorable condition and malnourished back in July, 2021. Additionally, Lizzie had a breathing condition called Heaves (COPD), an allergic respiratory condition.

Riverbend faced an uphill battle to help her recover, but with unwavering dedication, they embarked on a comprehensive rehabilitation plan, providing the attention, nourishment, light therapy, and emotional support Lizzie needed to make a remarkable recovery. As her health got better and put her on certain supplements, her Heaves has dramatically improved.

As days turned into weeks, Lizzie's transformation was miraculous. Her once dull coat began to shine, and she gained the weight and strength needed.

We couldn't be prouder of Lizzie's resilience and the hard work put in by our team. Lizzie is now gleaming and ready to be ridden!

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